Product details

  • Full multi-user capability provides a single source of truth and equips 100s of estimators to create and modify tenders simultaneously
  • Supports the full tender process from schedules of quantities, to sub-contractor pricing, makeup of direct costs, overheads, markup, and final submission documents
  • Flexible modes for use across tendering, forecasting and Facilities Management
  • Measured quantities module for digital 2D take-off/BIM integration
  • Embodied carbon calculations help measure project footprint
  • Built by and for estimators with intuitive easy layout and navigation, supporting quick onboarding and adoption
  • Real-time access to plant, labour, materials, and subcontractor rates
  • Multiple users across sectors maintain consistency of rates and costs
  • Multiple viewing options including hierarchy grid layout
  • Modelling and optioneering choices allow multiple cashflow and escalation scenarios
  • Superior cost coding, reporting functions, and analysis
  • Superior access security and auditing, auto backups and archiving
  • Powerful reporting menu, supported by database back end, allows interrogation by Power BI and similar tools
  • Centrally hosted by client with powerful multi-level security. Only the System Administrator user can export Cats data for sharing
  • Full multi-user capability, locks out one user when two users attempt to edit the same item in a module
  • 9-levels of complex resource build-up providing great flexibility
  • Intelligent dynamic linking to MS Excel
  • Customisable at server, register, tender and user levels
  • Sub-contract quote comparison
  • Resource analysis and usage histograms
  • Cells within a spreadsheet may also be linked to quantities within a tender
  • Customisable, multiple views of all screens
  • Superior markup process for unbalancing
  • Truck haul cycle simulation with productivity and fuel usage
  • Complete and up-to-date Plant Library
  • Plant rate calculation (including all ownership and operating costs)
  • Multi currencies and analysis of exchange rates
Key sectors using Cats

Key sectors using Cats

  • Infrastructure
  • Transport – Road and rail
  • Civil and building
  • Utilities
  • Services and facilities management
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
Key roles using Cats

Key roles using Cats

  • Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Finance and Commercial Management
  • Business Development and Sales
  • Site Management
  • Engineering and Design Management
  • Quantity Surveying