Product details

  • Provides a user-friendly 3D virtual environment, where multiple planners and engineers collaborate on construction design and planning, optimise resources and schedules, and improve outcomes
  • Users aggregate Design and Construction information, run simulations, test methodologies and design options, optimise staging and sequencing, assign budgets and resource limits, and determine best solutions for every package, including temporary works, before deploying to site
  • Users plan works in 4D, and build forecasts, work planning, staging and work methodology in a 5D digital environment
  • Improves understanding of time and costs which enables construction methods to be carefully reviewed and optimised, averting expensive conflicts and inefficiencies
  • Digital planning presents automation and efficiency opportunities in the scheduling of recurring tasks such as erecting fences, assembling scaffolding, or managing traffic control plans
  • Improves identification and mitigation of potential safety risks, including clashes or movement of heavy equipment, with detailed understanding of on-site resources and their scheduling
  • Saves potential significant cost of outsourced visualization services
  • Esri ArcGIS integration adds GIS based context information
  • Programme support imports linked active 4D programmes from Asta Powerproject BIM, and 2D schedule information from P6 and Microsoft Project, including project calendars, resources and tasks
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud & Trimble Connect integration imports model geometary via a cloud conversion pipeline
  • Supported reality capture models enable actualisation of the current state work environment from e.g. Lidar data; Drone & 360 degree camera rendered mesh (survey surfaces)
  • Includes the companion ToBe Maps Augmented Reality (AR) module which enables users on site to view and share a 3D digital design (BIM) superimposed onto the real-world construction location, using a mobile device.
Key sectors using ToBe Builder

Key sectors using ToBe Builder

  • Infrastructure
  • Transport – Road and rail
  • Civil and building
  • Utilities
Key roles using ToBe Builder

Key roles using ToBe Builder

  • Estimating
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Engineering and Design Management
  • Finance and Commercial Management
  • Site Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Digital and Structural Engineering
  • Procurement