Product details

  • Using Augmented Reality technology, rich 3D information from Building Information Modelling (BIM) is superimposed over the user’s physical location and the visualisation is shared on screen
  • Vision algorithms and sensors track position and orientation of the device, so the digital model and physical location remain anchored/aligned as team members explore the model from different viewpoints on site
  • Allows for the precise identification of existing utilities and their locations, and other site constraints, improving safety, efficiency and mitigation strategies
  • Improves advanced construction planning, ensuring alignment with the intended design
  • Reduces time needed for surveyors in planning stages
  • Facilitates scope checking with the visual inspection of complex systems, ensuring that all services are installed correctly and according to the plan
  • Rich 3D data created during the design phase supports effective communication with the project team, subcontractors, client and community throughout the project lifecycle
  • Seamless integration with BIM360/Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).
  • Reduced BIM to AR workflow complexity allows efficient adoption without large data configuration overhead
  • Complete BIM hierarchy, for easy manipulation of visible elements and information access
  • Image targets, manual calibration, and quick adjust modes ensure quick accurate alignment of the 3D model and physical environment 
  • Any model geometry that can be rendered within ACC can be imported into ToBe Maps (>60 supported formats) including IFC, NWD, NWC, RVT, and SKP files
  • The properties inspector feature can be used to select and display BIM properties for any object in the scene, enabling users to select elements in the AR View while moving their mobile device using world space reticule
  • For mobile devices that support depth occlusion, ToBe Maps can detect real-world objects and remove them from the AR view, allowing occluded virtual objects to be seen in and around real-world features
Key sectors using ToBe Maps

Key sectors using ToBe Maps

  • Infrastructure
  • Transport – Road and rail
  • Civil and building
  • Utilities
  • Services and facilities management
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
Key roles using ToBe Maps

Key roles using ToBe Maps

  • Project Management
  • Engineering and Design Management
  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Digital & Project Engineering
  • Site Supervision
  • Community Relations
  • Client and Stakeholder relations