Product details

  • Geosens provides automated geotechnical data storage, processing and sharing, with status monitoring, alarm notification, visualisation and reporting
  • Tailored to the IoT needs of roads, rail, tunnel, mining and asset health/maintenance projects
  • Smart customisation, built-in automation, and form data digitization meet project needs
  • Shows project/design layers, construction status/progress, monitoring locations and alarm status
  • Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) feature leverages satellite images to measure ground surface movements with precision in the order of millimetres.
  • Geosens is a fully web-based platform, accessible via the internet and web browsers, no VPN Access or additional software is required
  • Supports extensive range of manual/real-time monitoring instruments and automatic data loggers. It is integrated with GIS and Weather Data and allied with various advanced sensors
  • Delivers customised graphs, data tables, visual materials, presentations, and reports to manage risk and aid data analysis
  • Visualisations, using interactive maps and imagery, show project/design layers, construction status/progress, monitoring locations and alarm status
  • Tunnel monitoring feature builds various tunnel profiles and provides enhanced tunnelling presentations and reports
  • Rail monitoring feature enables rail top/line, chord, cant and twist analysis and reports, using configurable survey rail prisms
  • Standard and conditional alarm notification feature allows the project to configure various levels of alarm groups
  • Offers Conditional Alarm Notification via Emails and SMS
  • Provides Use-Oriented Report Configuration and Automatic Reporting Services
  • Configurable control provides on-hold or quarantine modes, enabling administrators to manage and control information related to newly uploaded or alarm-triggering readings
  • Enables admin only functions and configuration
  • Built-in readers, processors and job schedulers
  • Scalable and resilient – adopts Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology with unlimited capacity
  • Page views – Status, data, chart, map, survey, data entry, report and admin
  • Chart page provides easy visualization – with integration of GIS map services, movement amplitude and direction can be illustrated
  • GIS map page locates instruments – select an instrument to bring up its data table and graphs with trigger level code
  • Compatible with drone mapping and surveying applications
Key Sectors using Geosens

Key Sectors using Geosens

  • Infrastructure
  • Transport – Road and rail
  • Mining
  • Civil and construction
  • Tunnelling
  • Defence
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Asset and facilities management
Key roles using Geosens

Key roles using Geosens

  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Mine geology
  • Instrument and Monitoring management
  • Survey
  • Project management
  • Temporary works
  • Civil and building
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Piling
  • Retaining structures