Product details

  • Web-based app - multiple users enter and review information simultaneously
  • Captures accurate timely resource quantities, including materials, plant and labour hours, subcontractor dockets and daily diaries
  • Users submit and approve data and generate daily reports
  • Builds a cost-to-date profile against critical activity completion rates
  • Subcontractors access submitted docket status and invoice based on approved dockets, reducing claim disputes
  • Streamlines data handling, increases focus on daily costing and accruals, and boosts productivity monitoring through automated reporting
  • Consolidates project data in one single source of truth and enhances data visualisation through the Power BI-connected data warehouse
  • Drives consistency and accountability – systemised workflow reduces manual errors, records are backed-up and missing records can be identified quickly
  • Supports internal staff (engineers, supervisors and commercial staff) – providing daily costing and reporting, permanent daily diary records, supplier spend analysis and accruals calculation
  • Supports subcontractors – simple digital dockets can be filled in on mobile, tablets, PCs; approved dockets and weekly reports are automatically generated and emailed 
  • Applies standard mandatory processes for site record administration – via electronic record entry, automated tasks, record checks and invoice matching
  • Monitors production and identifies shortfalls and causes – providing unit cost rates for a day, week or selected period
  • Information entered once becomes pre-filled for subsequent submissions, minimising repetitive data entry
  • Different timesheet options provide flexibility to suit various crew configurations
  • Forms portal interface – accessed by Supervisors and subcontractors for form submission and approval
  • Rover site interface – accessed by internal staff to review, consolidate and report on submitted records
  • Information inputs – staff and labour timesheets, plant hours for works carried out on site, subcontractor dockets, daily diaries (photos, work records, delays) and planned and actual progress quantities
  • Information outputs – automated daily costing, event register, quantity and production reporting, automated accruals and payroll exports, and resource management reporting
Key sectors using Siterover

Key sectors using Siterover

  • Infrastructure
  • Transport – Road and rail
  • Civil and building
Key roles using Siterover

Key roles using Siterover

  • Project Management
  • Site Management & Supervision
  • Finance and Commercial Management
  • Administration
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Subcontractors